Swiss Startup Factory- Mike Baur

He is a famous businessman and an entrepreneur who is not only known ion his home country but also in the world. Mike Baur is, so passionate about people especially the young people in his nation Switzerland. He has founded several organizations as well as a startup which has been of a great benefit to others. Mike Baur has been working in the banking and finance industry for more than 20 years where he gained a vast experience before starting his own business; Swiss Startup Factory. Some of the investment banks Mr. Baur has served include UBS and Clariden Leu. Baur was so determined to start his business, and he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer in 2014.

Mike Baur has been working continuously to release the success of the Startup companies, and he went ahead to participate in the START Summiteer as a member of the panel. The START Summiteer is start-up contest which is organized to pitch the young entrepreneurs. The event took place in the University of St. Gallen. Mike is a leader who has portrayed a positive leadership skill for the time he has been in business and also in his career as a financier and a banker. In 2016 Mr. Mike was appointed as the Deputy Managing Director of CTI Invest during the time which CTI and Swiss Startup came together to do business. Mr. Mike has also led the Swiss Startup Factory through its Swiss Accelerator Program, as well as leading Swiss Startup to partner with Fintech fusion in February 2016.

The Swiss Startup Factory has been experiencing tremendous expansion since its foundation, and it recently launched its website known as To create the website, Swiss Startup joined hands with CTI Invest, Diplomero, and The site gives success stories as well as interviews with the young founders of promising companies in the world. The Website is giving the world an opportunity to know how some of the social media platforms including crowd-funding, e-commerce, and online publishing, were founded and also who are the founders and their experience. The Swiss Startup Factory wanted to make the stories available to the world so that other entrepreneurs can be encouraged and also be inspired.

Diplomero is one of the organizations which have helped to realize the success of the website. The firm has contributed to creating videos which show some of the entrepreneurs giving their stories openly about their careers, inspirations, their challenges and how they have succeeded in business. Swiss Startup Factory is planning to post more interviews to help aspiring investors.