Securus CEO Rick Smith Servicing Government Institutions

Life after prison or ex-offenders re-entering society can be a very confusing and frustrating transition. Prisoners who are released from the United States prison system face challenges that could very well deter their chances of becoming productive citizens. For these reasons, there is an increase in the demand for products that enable inmates to make a smoother transition back into society. The transition begins inside the prison walls. If inmates are better informed, or up-to-date on the happenings on the outside of those prison walls, then they will most likely have a better chance at transitioning back into society. Additionally, new technologies assist in a correctional institutions ability to reduce waste, crime, and recidivism. Recidivism is repeated, habitual relapse, as into crime. Furthermore, new technologies can also enhance security for correctional institutions.Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, partnered with Ryan Shapiro, JPay’s brilliant CEO and created a digital platform that gives inmates the ability to play games, shop, read books, further their education and access their email.

Mr. Smith graduated with an MBA from the University of Rochester and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering from the State University of New York at Buffalo.JPay, the leading provider of inmate payments, email, and tablet products is based in Miramar, Florida. This fully licensed money transmitter, founded in 2002 as a payment company grew into a huge digital platform that combines kiosk, tablets, and an inmate cloud. More than 1.6 million inmates in 33 state Department of Correction facilities are serviced by JPay. Securus Technologies acquiring JPay allowed JPay to expand and develop groundbreaking products while gaining adoption on a massive scale. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, this tech-savvy organization affords JPay the ability to do what they need to do in a fraction of the time.

Securus serves more than 2,600 public safety, corrections agencies, law enforcement, and more than a million inmates across North America. Securus Technologies is out front leading the way in technologies that protect Society. This innovative organization serves the public safety sector as well as protect and investigate situations within government facilities. They also provide emergency response, public information, investigation and incident management, biometric analysis, communication, inmate self-service, and monitor products and services to make the world a better place to live. Without a doubt, Securus bring healing to correction institutions and to an inmates soul.Emails and formal letters from prison and jail officials throughout the United States confirm that Securus Technologies is truly making a difference and actually healing our nation by recovering millions of dollars and illegal assets and deterring incidence of contraband in correctional institutions and jails. Securus Technologies truly has a handle on civil and government criminal justice technology solutions.