Kim Dao and Eric Go Ikea Shopping

Kim Dao has moved back to Australia and is getting a new apartment. It looks like the couple is planning to move in together. A couple of weeks ago, Kim Dao and her boyfriend decided to go furniture shopping at Ikea. At Dao’s Ikea there is a cafeteria where she bought some lunch. Kim Doa got a fruit tart, and Eric selected an apple pie. For lunch, Kim Dao chose a cup of pumpkin soup, some Swedish meatballs , and garlic bread. Eric had decided to get a garden salad, some salmon, and cooked carrots.


After lunch, the couple looked over some cabinets for a television to fit on. They looked over some samples of kitchens, including the countertops and the cabinets that were there as an example of what someone could have if they remodel their kitchen. Kim Dao particularly liked the light that was over the counter top. There were oversized test tubes that could be used for storing herbs. Learn more:


Over in the den area, Kim Dao and her boyfriend found a pillow in the shape of a pencil that she was quite fond of. There were small cabinets like the kind many offices have on the floor in their employee cubicles with two drawers that could be used for night tables or part of a home office, or anything really. The couple did not find anything they wanted at Ikea and decided to go to City West to see their kitchen supplies. It’s like a big warehouse. Learn more: