Kate Hudson Efforts In Helping The Fabletics Company Realize A Rapid Growth

As a result of the current increase in production of many and different products serving the same purpose, consumers always find themselves in a dilemma while choosing which brand to embrace. But it has been found that most consumers are determining their purchases from the power of the crowd. Most of the consumers are looking for customer reviews from online resources where they read about the performance of a given product and make their decisions basing on this idea which feels like it is something recommended by a friend or someone they know which is more convincing. This has led the brands to customize on consumer behavior with review-centric marketing strategy.

One such company who have adopted the strategy is the Fabletics Company which is a TechStyle Fashion Group. The firm has revealed that they have reached a revenue of more than $235 million, more than 200% growth since they came into the market in the year 2013. This achievement has been brought about by the customer review strategy as reported by the Corporate Marketing Officer. He says that they realized the rapid growth by leveraging the prominence of customer reviews in convincing customers and winning their trust. The reviews have helped many business firms increase purchases, maintaining customers and improving loyalty.

The founders of Fabletics Company reveals that it was not an easy journey as they had to look for a conversant partner who would spearhead their efforts in creating the company they wanted. The only person they had an idea could do this was Kate Hudson whom they approached, and to their delight, she agreed, and they found it easy to work with her. Kate has been involved in every single task from the day she signed in. She contributes much to the design process and checks the trend to ensure that they stay ahead in fashion.

Kate ensures that communication is the company’s priority by leading the company in improving customer service department which led them to appear the top rated company in customer services by the Better Business Bureau within 18 months. Kate was able to hook up the parent company fuelling this growth. She knew by bringing both companies together; they will share resources funding and creating a unique fashion that will define the company. Through this motive, the company can now share everything including expert staff in marketing design and much more where 70% of Fabletics is currently a shared service.

The other reason that promoted their growth is the data-driven approach where they use the information collected from customers to determine how customers are responding to their products. This move helps them to know the type of clothes selling fast so that they can improve production and determine the trending styles and fashions. The information helps them to match their customers to the best outfits. Fabletics experts can review the information on time and able to translate and this helps the company start production within eight weeks.

Fabletics is expecting a rapid growth within the next three years due to their rapid membership increase, data-driven approach and customer review strategies. Fabletics currently has 17 retail stores and expecting to open more within the coming years.