Interviewing Todd Lubar of TDL Global Ventures

When asked about the genesis of TDL global ventures, Todd explains that it as a realization that came during his two decades of working in the credit and finance field. His passion was about helping other people realize their dreams in business. As such, he began by devising a way of eliminating barriers to loan access which was the start of coming up with a program that matches the needs of every customer.

A typical day for Todd begins with spending time with his kids at breakfast. During this time, he gets to check his emails and messages and whenever possible squeeze a quick workout before heading out to the office. He keeps himself updated with the news to stay informed whereas exercising keeps him energized and rejuvenated.

As for bringing ideas to life, he believes that every entrepreneur has ideas that surpass any understanding. However, what is needed to actualize and realize these ideas is a plan and follow through. His experience in the banking industry also comes in handy.

In a report by Hackronym, for Todd Lubar, an exciting trend would be a technology that helps develop remote home functions. The fact that he can be able to control some of the installation in his house without necessarily being there is pretty cool for him. He actually marvels at the much that can be achieved because of technological advancements.

Information on Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar serves as the current President of TDL Global Ventures LLC. He is also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. He has a two-decade experience in the real estate industry, which makes him stand out as a renowned businessperson and entrepreneur. His experience and skills in this highly competitive industry saw him get a spot in the top 25 Mortgage Originators.

His excellence is not only seen in the real estate world. Todd Lubar has worked in several other fields including entertainment. He has also been an active participant in the mortgage banking industry. He is known to grow businesses by using his vast experience as an advantage, which explains how he is able to set other people up for a successful business ventures.

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