When asked about the genesis of TDL global ventures, Todd explains that it as a realization that came during his two decades of working in the credit and finance field. His passion was about helping other people realize their dreams in business. As such, he began by devising a way of eliminating barriers to loan […]

Rick Shinto is the present President and Chief Executive Officer of healthcare provider InnovaCare. The company puts emphasis on the provision of quality healthcare and relies on competent professionals to ensure stability and drive growth. The leadership team, which also includes Penelope Kokkinides, believes in teamwork, proper communication, a clear vision, and building excellent working […]

He is a famous businessman and an entrepreneur who is not only known ion his home country but also in the world. Mike Baur is, so passionate about people especially the young people in his nation Switzerland. He has founded several organizations as well as a startup which has been of a great benefit to […]

The Internet of Things is the wave of the future. Everything from household appliances to automobiles will become Internet connected, and it will only be a few years before entering the Internet of Things market becomes a requirement for tech companies. When consumers begin to expect their household devices to be accessible from anywhere, Internet-enabled […]

Norman Pattiz is the Executive Chairman and founder of PodcastOne. He made an announcement that they were launching a new podcast. The announcement was made on 19th December 2016. It stated that new podcast which is also known as Beyond the Darkness will fall under the umbrella of PodcastOne. Norman said that newly launched podcast […]

David Osio has been in the financial management and advisory industry for more than two decades and his work has helped many clients especially in the real estate industry. His company Davos Financial Group has especially been instrumental in offering support to clients looking to invest in profitable areas.   Recently, he took part in […]