Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, which is the planets largest bitcoin merchant. POSkin made a new platform called WAX [Worldwide Asset eXchange], which is setting up to be released to the public. WAX has been created to solve two big problems in the virtual assets trading world, fraud and fragmentation. It also has […]

Mike Baur is one of Switzerland’s most successful entrepreneurs. His story is used by many aspiring entrepreneurs as a roadmap to success. In general, his life’s been amazing. He earned a degree from Bern University and another from the University of Rochester. In 1991, he began his career as a banker. When most get a […]

Life after prison or ex-offenders re-entering society can be a very confusing and frustrating transition. Prisoners who are released from the United States prison system face challenges that could very well deter their chances of becoming productive citizens. For these reasons, there is an increase in the demand for products that enable inmates to make […]

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm in Austin, Texas that offers clients the best asset management solutions. Richard Blair is the founder and CEO of the company. His colleagues regard him as a resourceful partner and advisor. He is a very experienced and highly qualified guy with many certifications like CAS, CES, CFS, and […]

When asked about the genesis of TDL global ventures, Todd explains that it as a realization that came during his two decades of working in the credit and finance field. His passion was about helping other people realize their dreams in business. As such, he began by devising a way of eliminating barriers to loan […]

Rick Shinto is the present President and Chief Executive Officer of healthcare provider InnovaCare. The company puts emphasis on the provision of quality healthcare and relies on competent professionals to ensure stability and drive growth. The leadership team, which also includes Penelope Kokkinides, believes in teamwork, proper communication, a clear vision, and building excellent working […]