Bruno Fagali: Stopping Government Corruption

Bruno Fagali is one of the hardest working Brazilian lawyers, and in the past years of serving the legal industry in the country, he managed to establish his name. He owns a law firm, and he has been dedicating his life to let it grow. His law firm is quickly becoming a reputable establishment, and many clients have been asking for his service since he is now becoming one of the most promising lawyers in the country.

Bruno Fagali is the product of several institutions, including the Pontifical Catholic University, where he received his Law degree, and the University of Sao Paulo, where he earned a Master’s Degree, specializing in State Law. While studying, he would also enlist himself to be a part of several activities which includes volunteers. Bruno Fagali recently graduated, and while practicing his profession, he managed to help several people who are in need of legal assistance.

After graduating, Bruno Fagali decided to work as an intern at the Office Model Dom, and he worked hard to become a regular lawyer at a larger law firm. He always focuses on public law, and he is fond of doing litigation. In 2016, Bruno Fagali decided to open his law firm. At the same time, he also launched the FAGALI Advocacy, which aims to cut the instance of corruption in Brazil. He would also introduce the concept of departmental drive, which allows private citizens to check what is happening inside government offices to make sure that there is no corruption going on. He would also introduce the same concept in different cities of Brazil, and the citizens widely accepted it. Months after the departmental drive was launched, the people of Brazil saw a significant decrease in the instances of corruption. They thanked Bruno Fagali for the idea that he introduced, and hoped that it would last for a long time.

Today, Bruno Fagali is busy looking after his law firm, and he is also advocating for a transparent government. Bruno Fagali stated that the departmental drive was a success, and he will continue to look after the government offices to make sure that corruption would no longer return.