Betsy DeVos charity work

Betsy DeVos is the US secretary of education. She was nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate in February 2017. She has had quite a vibrant career in the education sector dating back to more than low-income decades. She is a very passionate person in regards to reforms and helping poor children have access to education. This was motivated by her experiences at an early age when attending school. What stood out for her was the fact that not every child had the same chance to receive quality education. It was this that motivated her to work for than 15 years as a mentor for a public school in Michigan.

Education reforms

DeVos pursues her reform agenda through non-profit roles, for instance as the chairperson of the Dick and Betsy family foundation. She is also a member of many non-profit organizations which include DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope USA, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Her actions and activities have forced people to be keen on the fact that not many public schools are successful.

Her experiences as a parent and with other parents led to become more committed to helping people from low income families. She decided to become more involved by the family foundation to give scholarships to families with low incomes. However, she did not think this was enough. She sat on two boards of two national charities. That’s Children First America and the American Education Reform Council. These charities worked towards expanding the educations choices through vouchers and tax credits. Her political involvement led to the passing of the Michigan charter school bill in 1993. Thereafter in 2001, she began a political action committee whose main agenda was to promote education reforms to ensure charter schools were expanded to the state. Read more about their foundation at


DeVos biggest success is in Florida where through tax credit scholarship program people have enjoyed for a very long time. In this program, students are attending schools that are the family’s choice. This program has also enjoyed immense success in Louisiana and Indiana. In these two states, the program has the potential to serve close to a million students. There are also very high chances that the program for educational choice will be adopted widely.

Financial Donations

The DeVos Foundation has made donations to many hospitals in terms of financial aid. The foundation has also donated to health research, Christian schools, art organizations and Christian schools. Some of the Organizations that are funded by the DeVos Foundation include Pregnancy Resource Centre, Action Institute and Centre for Individual Rights among others. Read more about her philanthropy at

Her life’s dream

Betsy DeVos’s dream is that every parent irrespective of their location have the same chance to select the most appropriate education choice for their children. Also that their children have the same chance to reach their maximum potential in whatever they wish to pursue.