When asked about the genesis of TDL global ventures, Todd explains that it as a realization that came during his two decades of working in the credit and finance field. His passion was about helping other people realize their dreams in business. As such, he began by devising a way of eliminating barriers to loan […]

Rick Shinto is the present President and Chief Executive Officer of healthcare provider InnovaCare. The company puts emphasis on the provision of quality healthcare and relies on competent professionals to ensure stability and drive growth. The leadership team, which also includes Penelope Kokkinides, believes in teamwork, proper communication, a clear vision, and building excellent working […]

Every one of us has been introduced to the fancy hair product line WEN, through their glamorous adverts with women flaunting their gorgeous hair around and claiming that all that gorgeousness is packed in some magic conditioner bottle. Well if you haven’t yet heard of the WEN cleansing conditioners, then you need to know that […]

OSI Group is a US-based food processing company that operates globally. The roots of the company date as back as 1955, when a German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky began a meat shop in Illinois. Gradually he expanded his business to nearby towns and started supplying meat to McDonald’s in 1955. The company changed its name to […]

Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere, describes herself as someone who has always been ambitious and imaginative. Her passion for creativity as well as her natural instinct for entrepreneurship can be seen in the accomplishments she achieved before launching her own online cosmetic company. As a young teen she had her first business venture selling temporary […]