He is a famous businessman and an entrepreneur who is not only known ion his home country but also in the world. Mike Baur is, so passionate about people especially the young people in his nation Switzerland. He has founded several organizations as well as a startup which has been of a great benefit to […]

Lori Senecal serves as the Global CEO at the CP+ B. She formerly worked as the global executive chairman at KBS. Her current position requires her to drive the company’s strategic vision. She also has a leadership role that enables her to partner with clients to assist in optimizing seamless structures through the partners’ capabilities. […]

In Baltimore, the real estate crisis has been there for some time now. But the industry is now showing signs of making a comeback. It is evident through bank-arbitrated sales during last April as the foreclosures, dropped by nearly 7 percent within the region of Baltimore metro, as compared to the previous year. In addition, […]

EOS: Changing It Up In a recent article, the featured company was called EOS, or Evolution of Smooth. This buzzworthy brand has changed the industry of lip care for the better, and there are many reasons to back that up. Instead of your typical tube or pot of lip balm, EOS lip balm took a […]