Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm in Austin, Texas that offers clients the best asset management solutions. Richard Blair is the founder and CEO of the company. His colleagues regard him as a resourceful partner and advisor. He is a very experienced and highly qualified guy with many certifications like CAS, CES, CFS, and […]

Currently, Julie Zuckerberg serves as the Executive Talent acquisition lead at the Deutsche Bank. Her role in this is to work with leaders from the Global Technologies, Operations, Asset Management as well as Private Wealth and Commercial business fields to combine the recruitment process improvements and regional talent acquisition policies. She as well heads the […]

Copa Star Hospital is a healthcare facility that has been recognized for the past few months due to the outstanding medical services that it provides to its patients. The facility was established in October 2016 and has state-of-the-art medical and luxury amenities that make it be considered as a leader in healthcare provision. Copa Star […]

Betsy DeVos is the US secretary of education. She was nominated by President Donald Trump and confirmed by the Senate in February 2017. She has had quite a vibrant career in the education sector dating back to more than low-income decades. She is a very passionate person in regards to reforms and helping poor children […]

Cameron Clokie is technically an expert maxillofacial surgeon but he is so much more than that. He has come up with many different techniques with which he can help people to regrow the bones in their bodies similar to how the mouth is able to regenerate tissue that was once a part of it. This […]

When asked about the genesis of TDL global ventures, Todd explains that it as a realization that came during his two decades of working in the credit and finance field. His passion was about helping other people realize their dreams in business. As such, he began by devising a way of eliminating barriers to loan […]

Rick Shinto is the present President and Chief Executive Officer of healthcare provider InnovaCare. The company puts emphasis on the provision of quality healthcare and relies on competent professionals to ensure stability and drive growth. The leadership team, which also includes Penelope Kokkinides, believes in teamwork, proper communication, a clear vision, and building excellent working […]

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a researcher, a scientist, and a professor. He has a Master’s in Internal Medicine and a Doctorate in Oncology from the First Pavlov Medical State University in St. Petersburg. He got a job at the New York Medical College as an associate professor of medicine after completing school. Mikhail then took a […]